Monday, April 1, 2013

The Changing Seasons

To many, the changing of the seasons, the thunderstorm, the earthquake, the hurricane are manifestations of divine power. Many, to this day, believe that a storm happens because a deity has willed it into being. Now, I know that is false. Not that it is impossible, but that in general it is false. The Gods do not punish us with plagues, bad weather, earthquakes, or other relatively catastrophic events. After all, a hurricane will kill a lot more innocent bystanders than it will some few who transgress upon the good will of the Gods. 

But as Winter turns to Spring here in the Northern hemisphere, I am reminded of certain Gods, some are brought to mind because my calendar has festivals in their honor listed there, but others are brought to mind by the way the world itself changes. The way the air feels more alive, the earth feels softer, and the trees are almost glowing from within with all the potential for growth they are about to embark upon. Gods like the Kore, Dionysos, and Aphrodite come to mind with alarming ease, because among their many aspects, attributes, and acknowledged powers are the imbuing of nature with growth and beauty. 

But Zeus too comes to mind, because his is a power through which all these things are brought to bear. 

Oh, yes, I know the logical reasons for the changing seasons, the evolutionary adaptations that have given plants and animals the ability to time their life cycles this way, but these things are symbols, reminders, and clues to the nature of beings far more expansive in their existence than anything we can imagine. And so we take our cues from nature, we Pagans, and we allow nature to remind us of the many ways in which the Gods have made themselves felt in our world, past and present, because by being so reminded, we retain some semblance of our true natures, our connections to the world that birthed us, and we give thanks. 

So, blessed be you all with the many gifts of the Gods, and may you enjoy this Tempus Vernum, την Άνοιξη, and may you feel the blessings of Zeus upon you, your life, and your garden, as the Spring rains bring life. 

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