Thursday, February 9, 2012

Welcome the Morning

I awake, early and cold

My skin objecting as I move to the freezing air.


I walk out into the air

The sky is still dark and the moon still shines brightly


I turn to face East

And there the sky is starting to change colors


I close my eyes to venter myself

And from my lips a prayer is released to the aether


I sing you a song, lord of the rising sun

As my soul is made purer by this act of mortal devotion


I say a thank you, my naked body shivers

And as I speak your holy name I am made warm by your presence


Helios, I say, thank you and welcome

And into my life you come, your warmth, your light, your watchful eye.


I kneel in the Earth, it is still moist from rain

And rise and turn to return to the shelter of home


I shiver again and am reminded

That fragile are we who adore you and not grateful enough for your love.



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