Saturday, November 19, 2011

Blessed Morning

Far in the distance

Where the Earth meets the Sky

There is a palace of gold

And broad gates lead to the stable


There immortal steeds rest

Restless and enflamed

Awaiting their master

Whom they will guide across the bright blue sky


It is the palace of the Sun

Blessed Helios of the glowing crown

Son of Hyperion


There by the gates

Where the world of the living meets the world of the dead

There stands a beautiful girl

Dressed in rosy robes of gossamer


She opens the golden gates

And walks through

The color of her robes

And the tint of her cheeks tinging the sky itself in red.


It is the blessed morning

The time of Eos of the rosy cheeks

Daughter of Hyperion


The cock calls to him

The bull moves in the fields

Man sets upon a day of toil

Watched as always by the children of Titans

Lighting their way.


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