Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Beautiful Temple of Minerva

Minerva Shrine at Sbeitla

This beautiful ruin of a Roman temple to Minerva, who the Romans equated with Athena, is an example of the kind of temple I would love to build. Simple, yet dramatic, it would make me proud, this temple. I would create four chambers inside, each with a statue of Athena in a different aspect. The First, to Athena Parthenos, the second to Athena Xenia, and the third to Athena Soteira. The final chamber, accessible from the back, would be either for storage of temple goods, or a home for the attendant of the temple. Maybe my dream of building this will come true some day, the Gods willing.

Declan McCullagh has a site with pictures of this site, the picture above is not from his site.

And this, at Trek Earth, great site, by the way.

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