Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Child of Woman (to Dionysus)



I am the child of woman, and the Sky is my father.

I walk along paths that many fear to tread.

I bring you enlightenment.


I am the child twice born, once from her, once from him.

I set the Earth to shaking with my footsteps.

I bring you fear.


I am the child who sought his mother.

I stride into the very bowels of the Earth for her.

I bring you courage.


I am the child of a mighty king, and the queen did hate me.

I set men’s hearts on fire with the warmth of the grape.

I bring you introspection.


I am the child made god, who stood fast against death.

I make your legs quiver with desire for me.

I bring you oblivion in a bottle.


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