Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Prayer

Standing at the precipice

where light meets darkness

and the moon weaves her spell over the night.


They stand, torches in hand

waiting to guide you across

To the land where shadows dwell.


You who this year made your way there

You who will be always remembered

You who will pass from the world.


Down into the depths of our Mother

where the waters of forgetfulness await you

and the Ferryman lights your lonely voyage.


Across the mighty Styx

and into the darkness of dissolution

into Oblivion's welcoming hands.


You who will hold a place in our hearts

You who inspired us

You who brought joy to us.


To this place you will be guided

by lovely Hekate who protects

and heavenly Hermes who guards the boundaries.


You of the pleasing smile

You of the comforting tears

You who have passed this year.

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