Sunday, July 11, 2010

Daughters of the Evening

Daughters of evening.
Watchers of the tree.
Of the golden apples that Mother Ge gave to the Queen.
Maidens of the West.
Where the gates of the Sun’s Western palace lay.
And the dances of golden skinned maidens make his last sight a pleasure.
Guard them well, those golden treasures.
And make your father proud who holds the sky on his back.
Daughters of Atlas.
Named like an eagle, the evening, or the blinding light of sunset.
Sing songs to the Goddess, your matron.
Virgin Guardians of the Evening.
Defenders of the fruits of emotion.
Witnesses to the Hero’s Labor.
Dance and be merry, sing and be honored.
Greet and welcome great Nyx, and father Erebus.

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