Monday, November 23, 2009

In taking this time with Hermes...

There are three aspects of Hermes that I want to try to call upon as I try to work my way into his domain of influence.

1: The primary aspect that most of us are familiar with is that of Hermes as the God of travelers, of movement between places. This is important to me because I consider this whole exercise as a form of movement. Movement from the me that was to the me that is.

2: Hermes as God of boundaries, because I need to set myself new boundaries, new ways of thinking, and new methods of finding the boundaries in my life and recognizing them so that I know what my limits are, hopefully in preparation to exceed them.

3: Hermes as a god of sexuality. This is very important to me since my time with Aphrodite taught me that I need to think about it. That I need to place myself in a position to not act on sex simply because my body wants it, and all our bodies want it, but because I, the thinking me, wants it. I should not be lead simply by my urges, but by my conscious desires. Hermes is a god of sexuality in a way very different from Aphrodite because he is part of the youthful masculine ideal of sex and sexuality.

I suppose to many, the first two seem to be of paramount importance while the third seems base, but bot to me. Since the death of someone I loved many years ago, I have indulged myself in lots of sex, I have been careful about it, but I have indulged. It is a good thing, the feeling of it, the smell of it, the joy of it, but what I have only done very very seldom is allowed myself to love someone on that personal level. That romantic level.

Now, you might wonder if Aphrodite was not the one to go to to learn about this aspect of myself, but she was not, she opened my eyes to the problem and now, as I move forward, I must take that and try to bring it to bear in my meditations. To allow the God who is the lord of these very boundaries to give me the strength to break through them.

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