Thursday, June 25, 2009

Aphrodite in Myth: Mother of Fear and Panic

It must seem odd to those who do not know her, that Aphrodite’s children include two rather odd characters in the mythos. Sons of Ares and Aphrodite are Deimos (Fear) and Phobos (Panic) and considering she is the goddess of love, it must seem odd.

But is it, really? Aren’t all emotions part of a spectrum, like the colors of the rainbow are to light, and if so, then are not fear and terror part of that emotional spectrum (Sorry Green Lantern) and are they not part of love as surely as lust and harmony are?

Of course, because love is filled with fear, loathing, insecurity, terror at its loss, and a slew of other negative manifestations and reactions to its presence. Love can be harmful and it can be great, a blessing and a curse, and her mythos does not hide this from us.

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