Thursday, June 5, 2008


May has been a month of sadness.
Too many prayers have I laid at the altar of death.
Too many friends and family have gone.

Dear Susana, passed in pain, your children at your side.
Too many fond memories now haunt me.
Too many tears I have shed for you, dear aunt of mine.

Dear Mark, passed in loneliness, you tears of bitterness your only companions.
Too many times did I seek to help you.
Too many times was I rebuked as were we all.

Dear Trey, passed with friends and loved ones around you. 
Too many times did I neglect your friendship.
Too many times did you make me laugh, if there can be too much laughter.

Dear Tim, though gone you are not, you lie in pain at death's door.
Too long have I not seen you, or your husband who sits at your side.
Too many prayers for you have I said to them who deal in life and death.

Let me deal with grace.
Let me deal with hope.
Let me deal with compassion.

Dear Zeus above. 
Dear Poseidon all about.
Dear Aidoneus who hides underneath.

Bless those left behind in tears and longing.
Bless those left behind in sorrow and pain.
Bless me with the memories of their smiles and good hearts.

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