Sunday, May 4, 2008

Thank You

I just spent a couple days in hospital. I went in to the ER where I was treated for pneumonia and sent home. I was getting better until Tuesday, when I awoke unable to breathe, panicked, and hypoxic. I was lucky to have a friend who could rush me down, for I could not have walked the 2 blocks to the ER again.

This time I was quickly treated and further examined and admitted to the hospital. An acute Asthma attack had left my lungs a mess.

I, of course, turn to prayer of various types at times like this. I pray that I pull through, but also for the people I love who are so far away should something befall me, for I do not want them to feel guilt or undue hurt when I am gone.

But once the Gods saw fit to pull me through, with the help of the great nursing staff at Grandview Hospital, of course, I was prompted to write a thank you. The thank you to the nurses will be personal, to the Gods is as follows, hope I am not being too much of a drama queen...

You were there when I called to you.
You kept me from the darkness.
As I crawled to it on my belly.

You heard me when I prayed.
You kept me from despair.
When my mind was crazed with fear.

For this today I thank you.
O Lord of Light.
For this I thank you.
O Queen of Heaven.

When I needed breath, you sent it me.
When I needed solace, you sent it me.
When I needed companionship, you sent it me.

For this I thank you.
O Lord of Light.
Gracious Lord of Healers.

For this I thank you.
O Queen of Heaven.
Regal Lady of Vows.

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