Thursday, April 10, 2008

Hera, the Companion

I lost a friend this week. Tuesday morning my good friend Hershal died in his sleep. A pleasant enough death, I suppose, and one I hope for myself when my time comes, but this reminder of mortality, of the fragility of life always forces me to take a good long look at the other side of the equation, the immortal, the eternal, and the divine.

Hera has proven something of a companion to me these last couple of days. I have sung her mantra in my head as I worked. It brought to mind that Hera, as Wife, is also a companion. She stands by you when you suffer. Supports you when you weep. Scolds you when you act a fool. And, of course, nags you when you don't listen.

I have been hounded by the many spirits that are associated with her, her many aspects and "angeloi". They remind me to be careful. To not allow myself to continue to fall prey to the demons that haunt me and force me to act, way too often, in a self destructive manner.

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