Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Divine connection?

OK, so I have to step back for a second and explain what all this is about that I am talking about. Like I have already explained I have seen an image in my head, the twelve pointed star, the flame at its center, etc. I have also said that I chose to begin with Hestia, goddess of the hearth.

Now how, you may ask, is Hestia connected to all this? The answer has come to me as I meditate on her, contemplate her or ask her for guidance as I contemplate things. When I say the words contemplate or meditate you may imagine me sitting cross legged on a mat in front of an altar, and yes, I do that from time to time, but I meditate in motion a lot, and I do so to music or to the rhythm of work or to the motions of my body as I work, so more often than not, I am working, having conversations, speaking to customers, etc. and at the same time be contemplating what it means to have a soul.

So, when I first saw the star in my mind's eye I confused the central fire with Hestia. This is not at all hard to do, considering the fire takes the form of a hearth or campfire (which is itself a kind of hearth, a place where fire is held in control) but I was wrong. The hearth at the core of the star was the human spirit, that spark of life that goes beyond the strictly animal, that internal fire that we often call a soul.

So, here we are and at the end of the last post I posted the ominous uh oh! Why uh oh? Well, I have never believed in an eternal or immortal soul, so if this fire represents the soul, it also tells me that the soul itself is not immortal, as fire is not an eternal or never ending thing. But when contemplating these things, the idea of the fire also representing the connection between the mortal and the divine came into play, it became necessary for me to ponder further what it means to have a connection between the mortal and the immortal realms if we are ourselves mortal in the true sense.

So, last night as I was laying myself down to sleep, I sought her out, asked her to guide me in my dreams that I may understand, and as the saying goes, you should be careful what you ask for. I barely slept. My mind just kept turning and twisting around concepts that I cannot properly convey to you here. It is not that they are beyond human understanding or anything, but that my language does not cover these concepts.

In essence, however, the concepts were of the brain and how it is like a computer. If a computer does something, it does so through the mechanism of mathematics, and the brain does too in its own way. If the computer in room A does a mathematical calculation, the one in room B can do it too, and come to the same conclusion because they are designed to do it the same way, but also because as a language, mathematics is very precise. Given a simple addition of 2 + 2, both computers have to come up with 4, but in the human mind, this is different, because while the brain can come up with the same answer, it can also be sparked into new lines of thought by this simple task.

That is to say, the human mind is volatile. It is both highly organized and random at the same time. When man experiences something, in this case the divine, he comes to the conclusion that it is Gods he is experiencing. So far so good, but this experience then creates vast tangents of thoughts, which are themselves random, and then those form what you and I receive outwardly as religious imagery and depictions of the Gods. (The Imagery and attributes of the Gods as envisioned by religion are products of these thought patterns inspired by our experience of them)

So what, you may ask.

Well, the divine isn't forcing these images, and it is not forcing what I call the "connection" between man and the Gods. It seems that we reached out to them. We sought to connect to them, and in so doing, we got what we wanted, an inner connection to the divine.

If this is the case, than my supposition that man has no immortal soul is essentially correct.

Gotta run to work (yes, I work on the 4th of July) but I'll b back later...

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